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The MAL has launched a study entitled “EMG modules as a novel biomarker of basal ganglia plasticity in Parkinson’s disease”. The study funded by the Michael J. Fox Foundation aims to identify specific characteristics of muscle activity that could be linked to changes within the brain that are associated with Parkinson’s disease.

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A Wearable Sensor Platform for Long-term Home Monitoring of Knee Function

Our aim is to develop a simple, low-cost and wireless wearable device for long-term home monitoring of knee function.

The device consists of a sensor platform, a knee attachment with a potentiometer (marked by a yellow circle in the picture above) and a knee sleeve with an e-textile compliance sensor.

We chose the Shimmer sensor platform for this application. The knee attachment shown above (b) integrates a simple rotary potentiometer sensor for measurement of knee angle and provides an interface between the Shimmer sensor platform and the knee sleeve. The knee sleeve is made of breathable material that allows for its use for long periods of time. The knee sleeve integrates an e-textile sensor (marked by the red box above) for the purpose of compliance monitoring.