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The MAL team receives support from the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health to hold a workshop bringing together rehabilitation experts to discuss how technology could reshape pediatric rehabilitation.

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We study the biomechanics of human movement during specific motor tasks under well-defined conditions with the aim of ameliorating and preventing mobility-related disability.

The Effect of Weight Support in Muscle Synergies During Upper Arm Movements in Healthy Subjects

Weight support systems are usually used in rehabilitation of upper limbs in neurological patients but the influence of gravity compensation on upper limb muscle activation and in the reorganization of motor control is unclear. Our aim was to study the effect of weight support on muscle activity during upper arm reaching movements in healthy subjects. [...]

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Estimating Patient’s Anatomical Joint Angles with ARMEO Spring

The ArmeoSpring system is an ergonomic arm exoskeleton with six instrumented revolute joints used to track the movement of the human arm. The exoskeleton provides arm weight support using two springs whose length can be adjusted using lead-screw sliders. One spring is used to unload the upper arm and one is used to unload the [...]

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